The bigger picture of pregnancy, birth & parenting

“I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can to have a positive experience of birth and parenting”

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Together, we will make sense of this complex , transformative time, tending to all the areas that shape your experience from the inside out and outside in.

Hey! I’m so glad you found me! I’m Sophie, Mum of 4 Boys and a pregnancy, birth and baby coach (with a fresh approach). You’re here because you are pregnant or just had a baby and you want to invest in an experience you want to feel great about. You desire to feel and be ready and willing to step into The Parent-Hood fearless and flexible to whatever life throws at you. Well you are in the right place. I understand why you feel the way you do. I understand what you need or don’t need. And most importantly I get how you feel or how you don’t want to feel. So let’s look at the bigger picture together shall we?

With 13 years working in the birth and baby world, I’m seeing the full picture in technicolour! You see, birth preparation is a great thing (there are still a large % of people not doing any). Birth is not just about, well, the BIRTH. It’s about so much more. Naturally, it’s about your Baby (or Babies)! But it’s also about you, your partner, your lifestyles, your relationships, your habits, your work and your future self.

Work with me, and together we can carve out your path to becoming the parents you dream of being; having a birth you are looking forward to and prepared for, a pregnancy to enjoy and a deep understanding of your needs, abilities and intuition as a parent.

Being realistic, it has to start with you. Your motivation and your belief in yourself to get stuck in and commit to having a much better experience from now.



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Who am I?

My name is Sophie Burch (alias Mamma Burch). I’m a mother of 4 boys (2, then twins) and a cocker spaniel. Wife to Pappa Burch living by the sea in Kent, UK. I’m co-creator of a Mindfulness for New Mothers digital Pack, a Hypno-CBT (HCBT) therapist, 10 years as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Baby Massage Teacher, Aromatherapist, Holistic and Pregnancy Massage therapist, Reiki therapist and ex-professional singer. All rolled into one: I’m The Mamma Coach! (Fully accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register, GHRsc and fully insured).

My true purpose and combined gifts are here to help guide you. You are the ones that matter and I know you have potential. I understand your desires, fears and frustrations. You are the one with the baby, and I have the knowledge to help you gently and uniquely master your pregnancy, birth and parenting. You see, I get you because I’ve been there and I’ve had a journey that I’ve cherished, wept over and learnt from (I’m still learning!). Do you want to know the best bit? Helping you makes my heart sing. Seeing you flourish, blossom and transform is why I’m here. To make this all about YOU owning it is my passion and it’s the ultimate reward for us both.

My pre-kids background was in Singing and Film Production. I love to use my voice and many say they love to hear it! I’m not singing for you this time though. Here, I will soothe, relax and inspire you, by talking you through guided journey’s on the many spoken audio tracks I create for you.

Each of my pregnancies and births has been a challenge. A rollercoaster of ups and downs. Which has led me here. In-fact, I now think my whole life has been preparing me for this role and it feels fantastic. I use ALL of my life skills, experience both professionally and practically to tailor each coaching session to you and your specific needs. I also have a network of professionals to call upon to ensure you are guided in the right way for you too - your uniqueness is to be celebrated!


“Let’s see the whole picture when preparing for a baby to come into our lives. Moving on from unhelpful habits and mindset, ensuring we are covering all angles; fully prepared for birth so that we can be resilient to and cope with all the challenges of pregnancy, birth & parenting”


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The techniques you taught us have been an absolute game changer. We are responding to it so well and its made such a huge difference to our relationship and how we feel about birth and parenting. Thank you!

/  Carla and Ed  /