Kim, David and Viviennes' Birth Story

Kim & David Birth Vivienne

I was so thrilled to receive Kim and David’s story and just had to share! This is testament to what I teach. Anything goes, and as long as you stay calm and focused, you can carry on no matter what. Practice is key here - and commitment!


I had initially wanted a home birth but after seeing the lovely midwife led unit I opted for this for my first birth, ideally in the pool.

My contractions started at home during the night so I headed downstairs, set the lights to dim and lit my candle while listening to my birth playlist and bouncing on my ball. The advice which Sophie gave me during the hypnobirthing course came flooding back to me, I knew I could handle my surges and was calm and in control. After a day at home I went into hospital and was pleased to find out I was 4cm dilated, the moment the midwife told me she could feel the top of my little girls head overwhelmed me with tears and happiness!

After 5 hours my temperature was high and I was transferred to the labour ward, something which I dreaded at the beginning of my pregnancy but I felt so in control that it didn’t phase me at all. I was still at 4cm after another 4 hours so I opted to have some help, another 6 hours I was at 7cm and my baby had her head facing up which was making it difficult for her to be birthed vaginally so I discussed the options with my partner and the midwives and I decided an emergency c section was best for me and my baby - again this was something which freaked me out when I first fell pregnant but by using hypnobirthing techniques I was fully in control and excited to meet my baby.

I can’t recommend the course enough it helped me a great deal.