Edie's Birth

Hi Sophie..

Baby Edie Lillian Carr was born at home on Wednesday at 5.50pm, weighing 8lbs 2oz.

We've had a very eventful few days but Edie is doing great and I'm feeling really good. I did have to go to hospital not long after the birth for tearing and a bit of blood loss but was only in for about 12 hours. Our refresher session with you was perfectly timed and we've just been reflecting on it all.. Thank you for everything!!

Our little girl was born just a few days after we had our refresher session with Sophie. We had decided on a home birth a few weeks before we saw Sophie and her help and support was invaluable. Sophie tailored our session to suit our needs and she made us feel confident, calm and empowered by our choice.

My husband had a few reservations and concerns about home birthing and with Sophie's knowledge and experience she was able to put his mind at rest. I had a pretty difficult recovery from the birth or our first daughter and Sophie addressed my fears around that, which allowed me to focus positively on the birth of my next baby.

I had a very straight forward home birth and was able to use the hypnobirthing techniques the whole way through. The only unplanned thing was my 3 year old daughter being present for the arrival of her baby sister, which was really special. I wish every pregnant woman could have their own Sophie.


Edie Carr x

Edie Carr x

Sophie Burch