Hypnobirthing & Parenting Mindset Courses on the East Kent Coast

Are you anxious or afraid of giving birth or parenting? Or have you heard about how Hypnobirthing Works and would like to try for yourself? Or perhaps you had a negative previous experience?
If you want to have a positive experience of bringing your baby into your life, then this is great birth preparation for you.
This is Hypnobirthing with a twist and it’s getting great reviews from everyone!

I aim to save you time and money in the long run, giving you a supportive community to be part of and a less painful, more pleasurable experience that stays with you for life and you will want to tell your friends and colleagues about.

Hypnobirthing is about how to release fear, tune into your mind and body, connecting with your baby and partner in a way that most standard antenatal classes don’t. These classes will give you all you need to know to have a positive , calm, gentle birth, pregnancy and much more. I prepare you for the 4th trimester & early parenthood, reflect on your mental wellbeing, your self care and importantly, have a spring clean of your relationships.

Taking a therapeutic approach, combining CBT, Hypnosis and Mindfulness, this course gives you the chance to create a “toolkit” that suits you and your partner for life as parents. Simply put; it’s great therapy!

My priority has been to ensure you have a comfortable environment to learn in with your partner as a memorable event before your baby is born; Learning how to Hypnobirth and prepare for your baby in a lovely place you will remember forever, feeling pampered and rejuvenated from fresh sea air, delicious food and my exquisite handmade aromatherapy products.

This course stands out from the crowd because of the emphasis on Self Care, Nurture and Wellbeing

I’ve chosen to run the evening courses from the historic Waterloo Room in The Falstaff Hotel on popular Addington Street, Ramsgate.

Choose from a 1 day Mindful Hypnobirthing basics course or 4 x evening Hypnobirthing and Baby Preparation sessions or Private sessions, starting from £135 for a couple.

Cross the bridge from pregnancy to parenting together.

Cross the bridge from pregnancy to parenting together.

What will you learn?

I’ve been teaching Hypnobirthing for 11+ years and trained with The Hypnobirthing Institute (Marie Mongan), before teaching Mindful Hypnobirthing and now my new syllabus which combines all I know with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Perinatal Therapy. I recommend Hollie’s De Cruz’ Book, “Your Baby, Your Birth”, (my lovely previous client and colleague).

My Hypnobirthing & Parenting Mindset Course is a modern re-working of the traditional techniques used by the masses but presented in a way that is identifiable with you and your birth partner and dedicated to you having your baby, your way (very much “Positive, not Perfect”). This approach works wonders because it sets you up for any birth, anywhere, with calm confidence, giving you valuable life-skills, leaving you looking forward to birth and parenting.

The full course is run over or 4 evening sessions. In order for you to get the most out of your hypnobirthing course, I teach a maximum of 6 couples. (If you prefer, I offer private, one-to-one sessions with you and your birth companion, either online, or your home if local to me in Kent or London).

In summary, you will learn and receive:

  • A simple, effective toolkit on how you reach an ultimate state of relaxation. Several group hypnotherapy sessions are built into the weekend to help you all feel empowered, calm and confident, free of fear and looking forward to birth. (No trickery or pocket watches, I promise).

  • Several effective exercises, demonstrated, on how to use massage, a birthing ball and positioning for pregnancy, labour and birth. (Don’t worry - no panting like dogs or embarrassing couples moments!)

  • A good understanding of why your body was designed to grow, nurture and birth a baby. You will learn about the anatomy and physiology of birth including what is considered normal or risky and what to expect.

  • Tried and tested breathing, visualisation and self hypnosis techniques, as well as other simple mindfulness tools to use throughout pregnancy, labour and into parenting.

  • Understanding the hormones of birth and how to work with them to your advantage. Getting to grips with the mind-body connection and how to change a mindset just by choosing to do so.

  • Wellbeing, Self Care and Relationship coaching and questionnaires to keep you feeling at your most balanced all the way through.

  • The Birth Partners role and how they can support you in the way you most want and need. How to create the best environment for birth and how to work with your medical professionals to ensure a positive experience.

You will receive the book “Your Baby, Your Birth” and access to 5 x MP3s upon booking, Then a further 6 MP3s, a course manual, Dropbox Folder, a fab goodie bag and ongoing email and WhatsApp support until you have your baby in your arms.

We can do this together!

We can do this together!

Private Sessions

Can’t make any of the dates, need a refresher or just want me to tailor a course specifically for you? Of course. We can meet online or face to face over as many sessions as you need to ensure you get what you need.

Hypnobirthing One Day Course (Private or Group)

Rates starting at £135/Couple, Private £250

A condensed One-Day Course to learn to birth your baby more confident, calm and in control. Great if you just want to learn hypnobirthing alongside a book and mp3’s and for anyone feeling anxious about birth.

Using simple, tried and tested evidence based Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness techniques, you learn to harness the power of your mind and your body to comfortably birth your baby, no matter what birth you have or where.

Birth Partners learn to assist in a way they may not have considered and leave feeling empowered to support and nurture in the way their partner needs and is necessary to have a better and more bonding pregnancy and birth, advocating for you in the way that you need and desire, creating an environment suitable for birth wherever you are.

You will leave with a skillset for life that includes Mindfulness, Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques. You and your partner will learn about how your body is designed to have a baby, how you can work with it to give birth, the mind-body connection and how to cope with labour using breathing techniques, visualisation and much more.

Suits anytime from 20 weeks. Great as a standalone workshop or as an addition to any other birth prep classes such as NCT, NHS or Positive Birth Groups. Suitable for multiples too!

You won’t leave empty handed either! I will gift you with my personal aromatherapy blends, mp3’s to keep you on track and a comprehensive course manual.



Dates and payment details

Please select your preferred date and course from the Calendar below and you can make payment in full, or, if you’d prefer to pay in instalments see the course details. Alternatively, get in touch to have a chat. If you don’t see a suitable course, then get in touch to see what we can do. I offer private 1:1 courses either online or in person and I accept payment in instalments.

Next Course Dates are:
(All workshops take place in Ramsgate, Kent unless otherwise stated)

I recommend doing a workshop from around 20 weeks

I recommend doing a workshop from around 20 weeks