Thankyou so much Sophie we have enjoyed the sessions so much! It’s been so personal and tailored to us. We have found you so easy to be around... and so easy to connect with. You’re a special lady

/  Louise  /


We both really enjoyed it and came away feeling enthused and more ready for the big day, even looking forward to it!

/  Lila  /


I just wanted to say thank you for the weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have started thinking more about what I want to do when the time comes to give birth.  I’ve actually decided that I want to home birth.

/  Kristina  /


We were quite skeptical at first (especially my partner), but we learnt so much and came away feeling invigorated and excited about birth and sorted out some stuff in our life that needed to be dealt with!

/  ANNa  /

“I can’t believe even in just a few weeks, how much my mindset and focus have changed for the better. Thank you!
— Kristy