Are you ready to see the bigger picture of birth and bring a baby into your life fully prepared, calm and confident?
Learning from wherever you like in the World at a time that suits you?


This Guided Online Hypnobirthing Antenatal course is designed to fully prepare your mind and your life for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Differing from the many video-led online courses that require you to motivate yourself to go through the stacks of videos and content,
YOU GET ME in Virtual Real Life, Guiding you and answering your questions for 6 sessions.

I’ve created this 7 module course from 13 years perinatal experience, birthing 4 children 3 different ways and helping 100’s of couples like yourself.
I’m a professional Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and have included effective, simple therapy and coaching that will see you through the rest of your parenting life.

Have you been searching for an antenatal or Hypnobirthing Course that will give you an emotional grounding, great birth education and the best start for you and your baby?
Or perhaps you’ve had a negative previous birth and want a different experience this time?
Created for busy Parents-to-Be and any Parent (pregnant again) who may not be able to get time to attend a local group or co-ordinate time together. This is like a face to face group or private meeting, but it’s virtual.

It’s a new, integral and therapeutic approach to birth and baby prepping.

This fresh approach is here to break away from the traditional NCT or Antenatal Classes (that work for some and not for others) and will inform and guide you at a level that you will intuitively know is RIGHT for you.

It will leave you feeling empowered, excited and resilient in your baby chapter; equip you with skills to let go of anxiety and fear of birth or parenting;
Equipping you with healthier ways to respond to challenges as they arise, even embracing them!

How do I know this? I’ve been there and got the testimonials to prove it.

Of course we cover how to birth your baby (anyway, anywhere, anyhow), but we also look into your 4th Trimester and your time of “Matrescence”, fully preparing you to ride the up’s and down’s
like a confident surfer skimming the waves.

Using Evidence based Hypnosis for childbirth techniques for birth preparation, the course offers a comprehensive toolkit of effective strategies and techniques
including simple Mindfulness and elements of CBT, relationship and life coaching and resilience building.

This will equip you to recognise what really matters to you and work with your partner to establish new ways for both of you to cope with the new and often unfamiliar challenges in your perinatal chapter.

Improve on your self compassion, learn to trust in your intuition and instincts, give birth confidently and become the parent you are content to be.

This is worth every penny of investment - it could actually save you money in the long run. Do you think all the expensive baby gear really make you feel that good?

From Just £180 per couple… Book NOW to receive a Free Relaxation MP3 and Birth Affirmations MP3 to get you started. (I love giving back!)

“I can’t fault The Mamma Coach” - RITZ

An Introduction to The Mamma Coach Sessions and why it's a fresh, integral approach to birth and baby preparation.

An Introduction to the online Programme

Thank You! I really appreciate and love the sessions and I wish I'd had you in my first pregnancy! I know of many women onto their 2/3/4 babies who actually really need this but feel they shouldn't ask for help as they've done it before... I believe this is more useful to me now than ever. (Kristy)

Reframing Birth: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Reframing Birth: Seeing the Bigger Picture


Ease Your Journey from Pregnancy through Parenthood with confidence and resilience

14hrs of online coaching, downloads, 11 mp3’s and more giving you a skill-set for your pregnancy, birth and parenting life. PLUS A bonus pre-recorded Guide for your 4th Trimester and a wonderful E-Booklet with Top Tips from Leading Professionals. All sessions are created for you to access anytime.

Designed to see the bigger picture. 7 sessions of great therapeutic preparation and postnatal bonuses. From just £180 Group or £360 private.


  • How to have a baby! The Physiology, The Psychology and the Stages of Birth

  • Hypnobirthing and Mindful Birth techniques that will ensure you have a more positive birth, however you birth.

  • How your Birth Partner can be confidently support you the way you NEED them to from NOW

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Your Mindset Matters, Why, and How to stay focused in any situation

  • Your Intuition and your Instinct are key: how to tap into and Trust them all the way baby

  • Your Self Belief and your Self Care Priorities: How you can look after Number One (it’s nowhere near being selfish)

  • Healing you: How to release the past and attend to your needs in the present and as a parent

  • Your Relationships Matter: what support to do you have? Who is, (and who is NOT), serving you for your highest good (including you!)

  • Your Wellbeing Matters: Nutrition and Wellbeing can make or break your mood, your vision and your LIFE. Learn how to find realistic ways to be the Authentic You, even in Parenting!

  • Matrescence Matters: Just like adolescence, this is a time for hormonal change and imbalance as you adjust into Motherhood. Learn ways to master the emotional rollercoaster and take it all in your own stride.



Online Course Breakdown:

Session one: relationships

A sensible place to start: let’s explore under the surface and let go of some unnecessary baggage: Having a baby affects relationships. There's no getting away from this fact. The sooner you address any issues that make you unhappy in your relationships (that includes with yourself), the more ready you will be to work with them to care for your baby and each other when the going gets tough. #justsaying

Session two: self care and self love

Learning to see yourself for the beauty that you are and create new ways to connect with your body, your mind, your environment and your baby. Learn how to take time to use mindfulness and daily affirmations to keep your focus on your own personal goals and how you wish to parent. Build on your self-worth and confidently Trust in your intuition and Instincts. Become an expert of your needs and tending to them. Self care is not selfish care.

Session three: The physiology of birth

Your body in labour, the hormones of birth, the stages of labour and how you can trigger your bodies natural ability to work for you rather than against you. No matter what birth you want or where. Birth Partners are specifically encouraged to join us on this one.

Session four: birth of a mindset

How adjusting your beliefs can have a huge impact on how your pregnancy, birth and parenting results. How you can cope with negative emotions and become resilient to challenges. Understanding the mind-body connection and learning simple, effective techniques to stay on track and remain focused.

Session five: That Life, This Life

Out with the old and in with the new. We look at what you still need to release in order to move into parenting with nothing to distract you and your abilities. Discover ways to strengthen your new beliefs, keeping the focus on the NOW and what your future holds. This week is about release and healing.

Session six: birth matters, baby matters

What happens when you give birth - on a mental and emotive level. We will dive deeper to fully understand why you think and feel the way you do in pregnancy, birth and early parenting and we will cover birthing environments, and what it all means for your baby. Birth Partners are specifically encouraged to join us on this one.


Who are you? What do you want? What’s so good about being the authentic you! You are you and you are Mamma. Let’s be honest and get to the root, realistically - no BIG changes here loves. It’s all about the small ones. We address the NOW and also your future self. Connecting, disconnecting, reframing, and taking it all one step at a time. Your instinctive way. I am an advocate of the Term “Matresence” and will give you an insight to how you can manage this transformative time during the first months of motherhood. What to expect and how to cope using Mindfulness and Acceptance, Self Care and Relaxation to ride the up’s and down’s like a confident surfer on a wave.

BONUS EBOOKLET: mamma be mindful

Top Tips from gorgeous, talented and experienced Experts in Nutrition, Pilates, Mindfulness, Self Care, Pregnancy Yoga, Breastfeeding and Parenting! These ladies will inspire you!

Team work, Love and Support

Team work, Love and Support

1: Relationships

2: Self Care and Self Love

5: This Life, That Life

BONUS EBOOKLET: Mamma Be Mindful

3: The Physiology of Birth

6: Birth Matters, Baby Matters

4: The Birth of a Mindset

4th Trimester BONUS: Becoming You, Becoming a Parent


So my lovely! This is supposed to be an enjoyable, positive experience for you and you will get more out of it if you are motivated and committed. Setting a little time aside is a great place to start. Not too much, but enough…

Birth Partners are most welcome and it’s all recorded and available to you to visit in your own time.

The Study and Practices are there for you to reinforce your experience and just like learning anything new, the more you read and practice, the further it sticks in your memory. Every task given is for you to enjoy and benefit from. You will be given practical tasks such as questionnaires, journaling exercises and audio’s to listen to daily and If you are not sure of what you are meant to do at any time, then please get in touch. I’m here to help and would hate to think of you struggling or feeling bogged-down. That would be a disaster!

The time you invest in this is 100% up to you. No-one will judge you and I encourage you to find times when you feel motivated to achieve and succeed. Perhaps first thing in the morning, at the weekend, or before you go to sleep at night. All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis after-all. Ultimately, It’s your beliefs and your personal motivation to make adjustments, reframe or release/update the past that makes the magic happen. You will notice changes happening very quickly if you put the effort in and of course, baby will reap the rewards too.


  • 7 sessions (14 hours)

  • a 4th Trimester pre-recorded workshop to go over when you have baby in arms

  • A comprehensive E-Booklet full of incredible tips from some of the industries leading experts.

  • Hypnotherapy relaxation sessions designed to enhance each session theme

  • Informative and inspiring downloads, questionnaires, audio’s and study notes to reaffirm your learning and personalise your journey

  • Join The Mamma Coach Programme Facebook Page and Instagram for updates, Lives and relevant information

  • Ongoing support from me answering your questions and guiding you through if and where needed

  • Bonuses!


The mC ONLINE programme

The programme is just £180 in an online group or £360 Private 1:1 (amazing for priceless birth & parenting skills) for 16 hours of therapy and birth education! That’s less than £12 an hour. You do the maths…

I appreciate it may be challenging to pay this amount in full, so i’d like to offer you the option to pay in instalments to ease the load if you prefer.


It’s always lovely to feel the TLC just that bit more when you’re pregnant - after-all, how many times are you PLANNING on being pregnant in your LIFE? Wanna make it extra Spesh?

  • All of the above, and a personal private online MC sesh with me, going deeper where it’s needed with a personal hypnotherapy therapy session

  • Personal WhatsApp support throughout the programme

    £220 (that’s probably less than that buggy you have your eye on)


This is the all-singing, all-dancing, all-grooving MC Package - Mamma Burch is in your house!!! (Not actually there, but it will feel like it!)

There are only 2 places on each Programme, so it may be wise to get in quick (#justsaying)

  • The 7 session Course, plus:

  • 2 x 6o minute online therapy sessions with me - diving deep to ensure it all sticks like glue and one session to have just before your due date, or after you’ve had your baby

  • A Private Birth Partner’s online session to get down to the nitty-gritty and plan the best birth and parenting strategy that ever existed (possibly)

  • Personal support via WhatsApp until 6 weeks after baby is born

    £500 (that’s less than the popular travel systems)

LET’S DO THIS! need to chat it through before you book your place? Complete the form and i’ll be in touch ASAP. 

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