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6 Week Online Programme - Oct - Dec

Begins on 29 Oct at 7:30 - 9:30pm and runs weekly until 03 Dec.


  • How to have a baby! The Physiology, The Psychology and the Stages of Birth

  • Hypnobirthing and Mindful Birth techniques that will ensure you have a more positive birth, however you birth.

  • How your Birth Partner can be confidently support you the way you NEED them to from NOW

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Your Mindset Matters, Why, and How to stay focused in any situation

  • Your Intuition and your Instinct are key: how to tap into and Trust them all the way baby

  • Your Self Belief and your Self Care Priorities: How you can look after Number One (it’s no where near being selfish)

  • Healing you: How to release the past and attend to your needs in the present and as a parent

  • Your Relationships Matter: what support to do you have? Who is, (and who is NOT), serving you for your highest good (including you!)

  • Your Wellbeing Matters: Nutrition and Wellbeing can make or break your mood, your vision and your LIFE. Learn how to find realistic ways to be the Authentic You, even in Parenting!

  • Matrescence Matters: Just like adolescence, this is a time for hormonal change and imbalance as you adjust into Motherhood. Learn ways to master the emotional rollercoaster and take it all in your own stride.


  • 6 weekly live group webinars , bonus 4th trimester downloadable workshop and experts e-booklet

  • Weekly hypnotherapy relaxation sessions designed to enhance each weekly theme

  • Weekly informative and inspiring downloads, questionnaires, audio’s and study notes to reaffirm your learning and personalise your journey

  • Ongoing support from me answering your questions and guiding you through if and where needed

  • Bonuses!

MC Online Baby Preparation Programme

You have the option to either pay in full, or instalments.

MC Online programme (2 instalments)
45.00 every month for 4 months

Please select this option if you wish to pay by 4 instalments