Hello Lovely!

i teach hypnobirthing, online birth education, birth & parenting coaching, twin birth and caesarean workshops & I specialise in hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress and the matresence time (post baby) into parenting

I’m on a mission to help couples prepare for a baby and manage parenting, their way. positively.

Conception into Parenting is a joyous yet challenging, confusing time. It’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions, to have strong hopes and fears about your birth and life to come; feeling pushed beyond your comfort zone, wrestling with the changes in your body, relationships and identity. You are not alone and I understand because i’ve been where you are and in some ways i’m still there.

Too many people regret not fully preparing for a baby on a mental and emotional level and although they may attend a class or two (possibly), read a book and listen to a few hypnobirthing audios thinking “I do yoga and I’ve done some preparation, so i’m ready”, they often end up disappointed; not coping with the reality that having a baby can bring - sound familiar?



I’m here to help.

The good news is that doing some Preparation is a great start. hurray!

From Modern Hypnobirthing to an Online Birth Programme, workshops in C-Section and Twin Birth or private birth and parenting coaching, I can help.

i’m also on a mission to expand your view of birth and parenting and see the bigger picture.


Of course pregnancy is all about planning for your baby, but what about YOU, your relationships,
wellbeing and lifestyle?


Let’s shake this up!


 Birth is about having a Baby (ER…Yes..?) Let’s break it down a bit more, looking through my lens:


“B” = Birth and baby

“I” for Intuition and instinct

“R” for Relationships

“T” for Trust

“H” for your Health (and wellbeing)


“Birth Prep with The Mamma Coach is about so much more than just the Birth” 


Is this an “A-HA” moment for you right now?

GOOD! I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s get started ASAP!

“That was awesome! Thank you. Lots to process and think about, but definitely cemented a few things for me in how I feel, changed some perceptions I had, and reframed some fears I was feeling. “



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